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At Hour of Champions, we believe that every professional can be trained to unlock their true potential.

Stop battling life,
and live it.

One conversation can change everything.

Very Powerful Impact

I’ve known Steve a long time and always admired his energy, passion and ability to keep moving forward through anything. His speech to our firm was “spot on” to our group. The message he delivered had my co-workers thinking and discussing for days after. He lives what he speaks on every day. Loved the passion. Very powerful impact.

Dave Fogel

I saw a complete 180 change in my life!

Steve teaches you how to build yourself up to overcome the obstacles that felt too insurmountable before. He provides you with a toolset that you can reach into any time you need strength, stability, or perseverance. I feel BETTER than my old self! I feel accomplished, proud, resilient, and strong.  I highly recommend this for anyone trying to lift themselves up, anyone feeling lost, or anyone wanting to take themselves up to the next level.

Becca D.

Incredible Work

Steve’s power sessions are everything. In less than 15 minutes, I was able to share where my head and heart were at, receive some powerful feedback that allowed me to focus and move forward with a plan that felt full and exciting. The call is quick but powerful and creates such momentum that days later you’re still feeling the lasting effects.


Visceral Understanding

Steve Werner understands people at a visceral level but more importantly his life experiences allow him to view the world from a 360 degree perspective which translates into success for anyone lucky enough to spend time with him.

Steve Kaplan
New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, “Bag The Elephant”

Meet your new coach, Steve.

As a coach, speaker and author, Steve Werner shares his experience to demonstrate that every setback can be overcome and the only failure is doing nothing. Steve encourages his clients, readers and audiences to aim for the most life has to offer. He helps them find inner physical and spiritual strengths and challenges them to get active, stay motivated, question their perspective, face pain and respond with strength.

Handle stress
like a pro.

Now is the time...

Understand that success coaching is an investment and able to measure your return by the changes you are willing to make.

To unlock your full potential.

  • Driven
  • Strong
  • Motivated
  • Confident

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