Hour of Champions is a lifestyle coaching company for top performers and high achievers who have significant upside in their careers and personal lives but are trapped in the negative stories they replay over and over.

Whether you are a corporate executive, high performing entrepreneur, or stay-at-home Mom, developing the ability to instinctively change your story will result in your earning potential and productivity reaching new heights.

Our Philosophy

Your Story is the best navigational system for your future.

We are here to help you get out of the story you are stuck in and into the story that will catapult you to success.


Who We Are

Steve Werner

Founder & CEO

Steve Werner is a former Professional Commodities Trader who has transformed himself into a coach, public speaker and “multipreneur.” For over twenty years Steve has helped people from all walks of life, including CEO’s, Entrepreneurs and Professionals, become the best version of themselves. Helping people navigate through high levels of stress and anxiety have been the center of his coaching practice.

Steve was featured in the "Over 50 Badasses" series which is dedicated to telling the stories of people over age 50 who rage against the clock and openly rebel at the norms of age.



David Grodsky

Chief Operations Officer

David Grodsky has developed team building skills and the ability to get the most out of people he works with throughout his 30+ years in trading and business.  He brings a logic-based approach to problem solving which allows him to 'ignore the noise' and focus on fixing the problem.

Next Steps...

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“Steve Werner understands people at a visceral level but more importantly his life experiences allow him to view the world from a 360 degree perspective which translates into success for anyone lucky enough to spend time with him”.

Steve Kaplan – NY Times, Wall St. Journal Bestselling Author “Bag the Elephant


“Steve is an engaging, dynamic public speaker—he captures the attention of his audiences by capturing their imagination. He brings passion, humor, and practical wisdom to the stories he weaves about life’s challenges, opportunities, and victories. His messages leave you deep in thought and ready for action.”

Marc Greitens – Director at Engaged Health Solutions


I have worked with multiple coaches in the past. Most of them have been very formulaic and boring. Steve on the other hand has been extremely interactive and engaging. His approach of storytelling to get you to think creatively helps you to remember and retain the principles better. One way to describe Steve is that he is a people connector.

Samuel Thimothy – VP, Sales and Business Development at OneIMS


Steve Werner has been consistently demanding as he sets standards of accountability that are needed in my life and a search for a new career. He exudes the “no quit” attitude on a daily basis and for me, that has been infectious! I highly recommend Steve, if you are planning on moving forward with your life.

Joe B. – Former Independent Floor Trader C.B.O.T.


“Recently, I thanked Steve Werner after a conversation for never saying ‘everything is going to be okay.’  I went on to explain to him that I recognize the power of restraint that he exhibits.  It would be easy for Steve blindly or generically to tell someone who is in the middle of an issue or crisis that – all will be fine.  But, that would only be temporarily consoling in the moment.  The real beauty of our interactions is that sometimes things aren’t ‘okay’ and that’s just the truth.  It is through his questions and challenges that have caused me to reevaluate my perspectives and ingrained modalities.  Sometimes, ‘okay’ takes a course change to achieve.  Steve is able to empower people to make real change, sometimes with the words he doesn’t use.

Finally, Steve might have one thing to add to this assessment.  He might say something, ‘why okay, why not great…’”

Anonymous Client



I was always been a laid back, non-confrontational person who was susceptible to being taken advantage of…until I met Steve. Since I learned about “GIVING THE GIFT”, my view of confronting has totally changed and I am now able to get my point across more effectively while remaining non-confrontational. This has caused my performance at work and in life to soar! My stress levels have decreased and I am a much better leader.

I am still a laid back, non-confrontational person.  Now I “GIVE THE GIFT”. As long as I am thinking that way, things are both easier said and done. This has resulted in tremendous success for me, my family and my business.

If you have not learned to “GIVE THE GIFT”…it is now time to start!
Thanks Steve!

Harold K. – DDS. Chicago IL