Go From Feeling Stuck, Overwhelmed and Constantly Under Pressure to Experiencing EXPLOSIVE  Career Growth, Earning Power, and a Balance of Work and Life in 60 Days or Less



For High Achievers Constantly Hitting Financial Plateaus, Being Haunted by Missed Opportunities, and Battling Emotional Exhaustion…

You’ve reached the pinnacle of success, but at what cost? 

You’re earning more than ever, yet the satisfaction and fulfillment you expected to feel are nowhere to be found. 

Instead, you’re left with a lingering sense of emptiness, a constant battle against burnout, and the haunting question: “Is this really all there is?”

If you’re a high-achiever who’s tired of the relentless grind, who craves a deeper sense of purpose and fulfillment in your life, and who’s ready to break through the financial ceilings that have kept you from your true potential, then you’re in the right place.

The Hour of Champions is a Shortcut

Before I discovered this framework, I was  secretly consumed with fear, exhausted and my relationships with loved ones, colleagues and trusted partners were on the verge of collapse. . I often had thoughts like ” what is there to live for? – will I ever be a success again?”

All this happened while I was running a 7-figure business with multiple partners and professional relationships. 

This led me to question everything I knew about success, accomplishments, and being a high-performer. 

Fortunately, my son’s friend — a brilliant doctor — showed me there’s a counterintuitive way to handle emotional exhaustion, burn out, and anxiety.   A BETTER way!

A unique, simple, and natural way. A way most people would not embrace. 

A simple shortcut to rewrite your coping mechanisms and eliminate negative thoughts so you can create a “mental switch” that…

✅ instantly boosts productivity

✅ enhances your decision making

✅ eliminates fear when taking risks

✅ finally achieve work-life balance

✅ makes you feel energized every day

✅ Ignites a burning drive for continuous improvement

✅ Cultivates resilience to bounce back from setbacks

✅ Unleashes your inner leader and visionary

✅ Enhances your ability to adapt to change

✅ Supercharges your networking and relationship building

✅ Fuels your confidence to take on new challenges

✅ Deepens your understanding of self and others

✅ Empowers you to overcome limiting beliefs

✅ Equips you with strategies for effective stress management

✅ Propels you towards your life’s purpose and fulfillment

✅ Amplifies your financial success strategies

✅ Maximizes your time management abilities

✅ Nurtures deep inner peace and contentment

✅ Sharpens your problem-solving skills

✅ Elevates your charisma and influence

✅ Unlocks your full creative potential

✅ Heightens your emotional intelligence

We’ve taken the wisdom of world-class performers, the strategies of successful leaders, and the insights from cutting-edge psychology, and distilled them into a comprehensive 8-week journey designed specifically for high-achievers like you. 

This is a one-of-a-kind program that offers not just a path to financial success, but a roadmap to a life of true fulfillment and purpose.



The Cost Staying Where You are is Too High

Every day that you remain stuck in the cycle of financial plateaus and emotional exhaustion is a day that you’re not living up to your full potential. 

It’s a day that you’re not experiencing the deep fulfillment and joy that life has to offer. And it’s a day that you’re not making the impact that you were meant to make.

The Hour of Champions Coaching Program is your opportunity to break free from the shackles of your current reality and step into a life of true greatness. 

But this opportunity won’t last forever. The time to act is now.

By booking a call today, you’re taking the first step towards transforming your life. You’re showing a commitment to yourself and to your future. And you’re opening the door to a world of possibilities that you never thought were possible.

Don’t let another day go by feeling unfulfilled and stuck. 

Book your call now, and let’s start your journey to becoming a true champion in every area of your life.

About Steve Werner

Steve spent twenty years as a commodities trader on The Chicago Board of Trade before turning his attention to a failing family business he had been investing in.

In 2001 Steve and his team led a successful turnaround and built a highly profitable business that was making a huge impact in Chicago’s most impoverished neighborhoods. In 2008 the great recession hit and the business collapsed into a forced liquidation. Steve lost a huge investment and nearly his life.

Overtaken by the stress ,anxiety and overwhelm and suffering from insomnia Steve turned to prescription relief and soon found himself dependent and physically addicted. With the help of a Dr. friend, Steve set out to reclaim his life.

The Result: Hour Of Champions

A lifestyle training  Program for those who not only want change but are willing to do whatever it takes to get it!

As a coach, speaker, and author, Steve Werner shares his experience to demonstrate that every setback can be overcome and the only failure is doing nothing. Steve encourages his clients, readers and audiences to aim for the most life has to offer. He helps them find inner physical and spiritual strengths and challenges them to get active, stay motivated, question their perspective, face pain and respond with strength.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

A1: This program is meticulously crafted for high-achievers who find themselves at a crossroads, facing financial plateaus, missed opportunities, and emotional exhaustion. If you’re ready to break free from the relentless grind and step into a life of true fulfillment and success, this program is tailored just for you.

A2: Unlike other programs that offer fragmented advice, the Hour of Champions provides a comprehensive, evidence-based approach specifically designed for high-achievers. We combine the wisdom of world-class performers, successful leaders, and cutting-edge psychology to create a transformative 8-week journey.

A3: While individual experiences may vary, the program is designed to deliver significant change within 60 days. Our holistic approach ensures that you not only achieve financial breakthroughs but also find true work-life harmony and a renewed sense of purpose.

A4: We understand that choosing a coaching program is a significant decision. That’s why we encourage you to book a call with us. This call is an opportunity for us to learn more about your specific challenges and goals, and for you to ask any questions you may have. Together, we’ll determine if the Hour of Champions Coaching Program is the right fit for you.

A5: Getting started is easy. Simply click the “Book a Call” button on this page, fill out the form, and schedule a time that works for you. During the call, we’ll discuss your specific challenges and goals, and determine if the Hour of Champions Coaching Program is the right fit for you.

A6: Absolutely! We encourage you to book a call with us. This no-obligation call is a chance for you to ask any questions, discuss your goals, and get a feel for how the program can benefit you.

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