Driven by passion, Steve Werner embodies and teaches the Hour of Champions’ Six Life-Changing Principles. Alongside producer Solomon Thimothy, Steve breaks down these principles and offers through-provoking exercises and journal prompts to help you blast through your plateaus and reinvent yourself.

This course is a self-study course with 12 (6) in-depth lessons and integrative work. Work through at your own pace to master each principle.


  • You feel stuck in life. You’re at a plateau and don’t know how to get out of it.
  • You don’t have a ton of time. You want clear, concise, and powerful guidance on how to change your life. 
  • You prefer working through material at your own pace, and like the idea of guided coaching work through a course.
  • You learn best through short videos and actionable prompts.
  • You’re ready to stop letting life pass you by.

what you get

0. Introduction

Length – 6:58

Steve shares a bit about his story, how he created the HOC principles, and what to expect from this course.

1. Rewire Your Reality

Length – 8:23

Steve talks about what it means to rewire your reality and how it can provide an instant mental reset.

Homework - Part 1

Length – 6:13

Steve provides a real-world application of Rewiring Your Reality.

2. Know Your Story

Length – 8:12

Steve takes you through the power of dissecting your story (past and present) to shift perspective.

Homework - Part 2

Length – 3:48

Steve takes you through his method of chunking down to the truth.

3. Draw the line

Length – 9:09

Steve talks about how to know when to draw the line, and how to do it most effectively.

Homework - Part 3

Length – 3:48

Steve shares his method for uprooting and clearing out energy that isn’t working for you.

4. Never be satisfied

Length – 10:38

Steve shares motivation for ongoing growth and how to prevent future plateaus.

Homework - Part 4

Length – 1:51

Steve takes you through check-ins and setting your standards for continued success.

5. Surround Yourself with Success

Length – 8:47

Steve talks about energetic hygiene. It is simple as it sounds, success begets success.

Homework - Part 5

Length – 2:23

Steve takes you through tangible guidelines to help you clean up your life.

6. Give the gift

Length – 9:32

Steve shares his most impactful and contagious principle, the gift of truth.

Homework - Part 6

Length – 7:48

Steve takes you through how to share the gift in the most effective and considerate ways.

6 modules.
12 videos.
100 minutes of content.
Priceless guidance.

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