Steve Werner is a Mindset and Transition Coach in the Chicagoland Area. Steve works with High Achievers and Top Performers who have plateaued, hit a ceiling in success, are confused or in fear of moving forward to meet life’s next challenge.

Over the years, Steve has learned many times to adapt and reinvent himself to keep up with an ever-changing world. Through 30+ years of experience in a wide array of businesses and having lived through the Dark Night of the Soul and nearly losing his life to prescription medicine, Steve has gained the knowledge and expertise to help high achieving individuals deal with adversity.

After graudating from Arizona State University, Steve spent 19 years as an independent floor trader at the Chicago Board of Trade. His years in the highly competitive 30-Year U.S. Treasury Bond pit taught Steve how to make split second business decisions and remain strictly disciplined, qualities that have enabled him to succeed in several aspects of life.


After leaving the commodity trading world, Steve, along with his younger brother, transformed a fledgling consumer finance company into one of Chicago’s largest privately owned finance companies designed for real estate investors and rehabbers. Lending in excess of $50 million annually, their business helped to revitalize some of Chicago’s most distressed neighborhoods.

In the summer of 2008 during the collapse in the real estate and financial worlds, Steve’s company was put into technical default with its lender. Over the course of the next two years, Steve experienced the unenviable task of unwinding what had been an extremely profitable business and something that he had dedicated 10 years of his life too. The ups and downs of dealing with a hostile lender and investors who included personal friends and family gave Steve an amazing perspective on how to deal with challenges.

In 2012, Steve published the bestselling book The Titan: A Business Parable with Time Travel. The principle in this short story was designed to help entrepreneurs navigate the struggles in life and business.

In the summer of 2018, Steve created a Facebook community, Hour Of Champions, with the intention of reaching a wide audience of individuals looking for change. His mission is to help individuals become transparent with life’s challenges to reclaim their courage and become the Hero of their personal story. 

Today, Steve juggles multiple professional roles. Along with his coaching and speaking endeavors, Steve maintains an active role in the Real Estate Business. He shares his life stories and all that he’s learned over the years with the world on his Hour of Champions podcast.

Course Preview

0. Introduction

Length – 6:58

1. Rewire Your Reality

Length – 8:23

Homework - Part 1

Length – 6:13

2. Know Your Story

Length – 8:12

Homework - Part 2

Length – 3:48

3. Draw the line

Length – 9:09

Homework - Part 3

Length – 3:48

4. Never be satisfied

Length – 10:38

Homework - Part 4

Length – 1:51

5. Surround Yourself with Success

Length – 8:47

Homework - Part 5

Length – 2:23

6. Give the gift

Length – 9:32

Homework - Part 6

Length – 7:48