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The first hour of the day is the most important hour of the day. Rising early to start your day with a powerful combination of physical, mental, and spiritual conditioning sets the tone for success. This high performing hour starts at 4:30AM, when you wake up and place your feet on the ground and start your day with intention.


Our mission is to help individuals take ownership of their lives and their impact on the world by habituating mental, physical, and spiritual routines that help them achieve a greater synergy within themselves and live the lives they desire.

We run challenges and courses to help individuals step into their power through the HOC methodology.


What is the Hour of Champions Routine?

The Hour of Champions is a methodology created by Steve Werner. He tested and proved this method by using it to overcome incredible challenges during a major crisis in his life that affected his mind, body, and spirit. He found that by waking up early, getting your workout in and simultaneously taking in information about mindset and spirituality, all within the first hour of your day, that you can set a positive and successful tone for your day, feel your best, and active yourself as a high achiever.

Why is it called Hour of Champions?

Steve goes to the gym every morning at 4AM, and has had this routine for many years. One day when he was leaving the gym around 5AM, an individual in the gym approached him. He said, “Hey man, I get here early, but you’re leaving the gym just as I’m coming in. What are you doing over there, fighting for a championship?” Steve smiled, and as got in his car to drive home, he found a napkin in his console and scribbled “Hour of Champions” on it, knowing he would need it for something one day. This is how the concept for physical, mental, and spiritual conditioning was born.

Why so early?

Will power is not something you obtain outside of you, it is within you. When you go about your day and flex that will power muscle when making choices and making new little wins, your will power muscle starts to deplete. That means when you first wake up, your will power is the strongest. You can do things much more easily than later in the day.  Heroes do what others don’t, and commitment wins every time! By training yourself to step out of your comfort zone with an early morning routine, you will not only condition yourself to have more strength, but also create more time as well. 

Create time? How is that possible?

If you wake up at 4:30AM, you’ll notice the world is quiet. While most people are asleep, you’ve already started your day, gotten your workout in, and fed your brain some empowering information on mindset and sprituality. 

By 6AM, you’ve set yourself up for success. You can jump right into your day and use your biological prime time (the time that your brain is most active and focused) to get things done and do things you’ve been wanting to do. This is how you create time. By the time it’s 8AM, you’re ahead of the game when the rest of the world is just getting started.

You’ll get more done in a day than most people get done in a month. It will help you tap into your inner drive, making you unstoppable. 

Most people dread getting out of bed in the morning. In HOC we dread staying in bed. We are a select group of individuals focused on winning the day, every single day of our lives.



My promise to you is: if you join our Hour of Champions challenge, you won’t be sorry you did. Only a select few High Achievers will make this commitment. Those who don’t will just continue leading their mediocre lives. The world is changing rapidly. It’s about to get very competitive. Only the super conditioned will rise to the top quickly, leaving the average person behind. Make the commitment today!

This is a 10-day Challenge that teaches you how to crush the early morning routine. Alongside a group of other Champions in Training, you can expect:

  • 15-20 minute Daily Zoom meetings at 5AM to start your day like a champ and hold you accountable in taking action for the change you seek

  • Daily Wernerism aka Mindset Crusher to help you conquer an aspect of strength mindset | Steve Werner:  5 mins

  • Daily “ZenFast” meditations & breathwork to help you balance, focus, be more productive, and squash anxiety, stress, and fear | Meditation and Spirituality Expert Joanna Filipov: 5 mins

  • Daily Workouts that you can do from home (no equipment required), delivered straight to your inbox after our AM meet-up | Steve Werner: 5 mins
Challenges are hosted bi-weekly. Check out the upcoming challenges and sign-up below.


Scheduled Challenges

April 20th – 29th: 5AM CDT

In session. Registration has closed.

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