The single most important decison you make every morning when your feet hit the floor is the decision to be the Victim or the Hero of your life story. One comes with consequences, one with rewards. Often the missing link between the two is Courage. Begin reinventing yourself and your life story by reclaiming your courage today.

Getting the most out of life isn’t for the passive. It takes action, work, discipline, and sweat.

Are you…

  • Are you a high achiever struggling with direction?
  • Up all night worrying about what is next?
  • Someone who’s mind races and projects negative outcomes?

Don’t continue to struggle day to day on your own. Dreading to muddle through the same unfulfilling routine over and over again is no way to go through life. You remember what it was like to have those big dreams and aspirations; to wake up excited to tackle those next steps toward achieving the goals you set for yourself. So many of my clients have been where you are today. They’ve felt burnt out, exhausted, and like they are just going through the motions.

But after connecting with me and beginning the work, they’ve told me that they feel like they just unplugged and rebooted their lives. They felt unimaginable relief in knowing that they can revive the drive they once had. They have recharged and found a passion for life that they thought they had lost forever. It can happen for you too!

I work with high achievers who want to REBOOT, RESHAPE and RECHARGE. 

Life takes a toll on everyone, how you react makes all the difference. Let me show you how to rethink and reframe what you’ve been experiencing so that you can achieve even more than you’ve imagined. Gain the ability to grow again and make more money than you’ve thought you every could. Learn new insights into fixing relationships in a fulfilling way. You can reach levels of personal success you didn’t even know you had in you! Now is the time.

Are you willing to…

  • Be a risk taker
  • Face adversity yet refuse to quit
  • Listen
  • Lead
  • Change
  • Push through pain
  • Understand that fear is not unique to any one individual—but can be overcome if faced with tenacity and courage
  • Understand that success coaching is an investment and able to measure your return by the changes you are willing to make
Then we need to talk.

By sharing my personal experiences I demonstrate that every setback can be overcome and the only failure is doing nothing. I encourage my clients, readers and audiences to aim for the most life has to offer.

I excel in helping you find inner physical and spiritual strengths and I challenge you to get active, stay motivated, question your perspective, face pain and respond with strength.

You were born to be a Hero! Let me help you get there.

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As the saying goes, you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

“Steve Werner understands people at a visceral level but more importantly his life experiences allow him to view the world from a 360 degree perspective which translates into success for anyone lucky enough to spend time with him.”
Steve Kaplan - New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, “Bag The Elephant”


Tap your inner courage and discover how to create your own Victim to Hero Journey.

This Blueprint that I’ve developed details six simple but often challenging steps to achieve strength through daily mental, physical and spiritual conditioning.

The vertical path moving between the victim and the hero is most influenced by events we experience in everyday life. Our moods and thoughts fluctuate up and down, just as the arrow shows. The good news is that the arrow points up. The challenges lie in where
the arrow naturally dips down.

Let me help you Become the Hero of Your Journey!


Hour of Champions Coaching is the smartest personal investment you will ever make. You will be trained to believe in your talents and have faith in your ability to persevere through life’s ups and downs. You will discover hidden inner strengths you never knew you had.