Your Age And Experience Are
Weapons For Success


Make the 2nd Act of Your Career the Best One Yet!

You will…

  • Be crystal clear that your skill sets and talents have set you up for an amazing and rewarding future filled with success.
  • Wake up everyday energized and focused, making your younger colleagues wonder what your secrets to strengths and stamina are
  • Crush any obstacle or uncertainty in your way using your age and experience as a weapon for success.
  • Realize that the bumps bruises and pains of your journey are the testament to your role.
  • Use your polish and experience to crush the competition when the going gets fierce.
  • Discover that your real advantage in phase two is the wisdom and experience you’ve gained over time.

We work with…

  • Former or current CEOs, Business Owners, and Managing Directors.
  • People looking to be or bounce back as a Top Tier Leaders and Decision Makers in their industry.

This targeted training is for highly skilled and motivated people who have gained valuable work and life experience throughout the years. It is a must-do to elevate confidence and skillsets for the current workplace. Discover the certainty that the best of your career lies in the second half and is eagerly awaiting you!


The experiences, skills and training that you have gained over the years are highly sought after commodities in today’s job market – if you know how to leverage them. Real-life experience isn’t taught in a classroom. Understand that the difficult work of training your mind and soul will enable you to navigate the hardest of times while others are in panic mode. Your journey has lead to this point, imagine how far you can go from here.

Studies have shown that people aged 50+

  • Have increased focus due to years of learning to pay attention over extended periods of time pre-technology.
  • Versatility due to growing into technology instead of being born into it.
  • Patience, because we used to have to wait for many things, from phone calls to TV shows. 
  • Resilience from living through years of ups and downs and adversity – coming out the other side successfully.
  • Community-mindedness –  valuing collaboration, service and longevity. Often looking to make a professional home and influencing those values onto younger employees.
The second phase of your career will be your most powerful!

My personal triumphs and losses have taught me a lot. I fully demonstrate that every setback can be overcome and the only failure is doing nothing. I encourage my clients, readers and audiences to aim for the most life has to offer.

I excel in helping you find inner physical and spiritual strengths and I challenge you to get active, stay motivated, question your perspective, face pain and respond with strength. You may feel like your time has passed and the younger generation is taking the reigns. But they don’t know what you know! You can be the leader that guides others to reach their personal best and feel immensely satisfied in your career. Continuing to build on you accomplishments while setting an example for others.

Your age is your asset! Let me help you gain the confidence and insight to make the next phase in your work life better than you imagined.

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You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Find out how to crush the competition using seasoned experience to your fullest advantage in today’s market.

“Steve Werner understands people at a visceral level but more importantly his life experiences allow him to view the world from a 360 degree perspective which translates into success for anyone lucky enough to spend time with him.”
Steve Kaplan - New York Times and Wall Street Journal Bestselling Author, “Bag The Elephant”


Tap your inner courage and discover how to create your own Victim to Hero Journey.

This Blueprint that I’ve developed details six simple but often challenging steps to achieve strength through daily mental, physical and spiritual conditioning.

The vertical path moving between the victim and the hero is most influenced by events we experience in everyday life. Our moods and thoughts fluctuate up and down, just as the arrow shows. The good news is that the arrow points up. The challenges lie in where
the arrow naturally dips down.

Let me help you Become the Hero of Your Journey!
Hour of Champions Coaching is the smartest personal investment you will ever make. You will be trained to believe in your talents and have faith in your ability to persevere through life’s ups and downs. You will discover hidden inner strengths you never knew you had.
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