Steve Werner

Success Coach

Steve Werner is a passionate change-agent with a mission to help shape individuals into the best version of themselves. A former Professional Commodities Trader, Steve understands risk and decision making at their highest levels. Reinvention has been the cornerstone of Steve’s ability to succeed. Navigating through critical and stressful situations has also molded Steve into the “go to ” person for High Achievers facing change. 

Steve fell victim to the financial collapse of 2012, sending him into a spin of fear and seeking relief through prescription drugs. Through the determination and discipline he developed in his carreer over 30 years, he overcame this challenging period of his life with a powerful trifecta of mind, body, and spirit conditioning, which he later coined the Hour of Champions methodology. He transformed himself into a coach, public speaker and “multipreneur.” In the summer of 2018, Steve launched a fast growing interactive Facebook community, Hour Of Champions, designed to help individuals become transparent with life’s challenges to reclaim their courage and become the Hero of their personal story.

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Steve’s first book: “The Titan: A Business Parable with Time Travel” is a short but gripping book that you won’t want to put down. Explore Steve’s 6 simple strategies of success that apply to both life and business, for a read you’ll never forget, and principles you’ll want to immediately apply in your life.

Steve is a contributing author for the book “Going Up: Proven Strategies for Reaching Higher Levels in Business,” a compliation of the best business advice from the individuals who experienced it first hand. Applies to more than just business, this book is full of gems you’ll want to share with the world.

Steve was featured in the “Over 50 Badasses,” a series dedicated to telling the stories of people over age 50 who rage against the clock and openly rebel at the norms of age.